The Education Management System provides complete information about students, Fee management, Staff etc., of an institution. The main idea is to keep the stake holders aware of their children performance. As one would keen to the knowledge in progress of their children, this tool will be an instant help to keep the parents informed status update of every activity at college.


College ERP has the power of flexibility to accommodate the complexity of various batches. The Organizational Structure used in the ERP is capable of supporting different schools & Department within the college.Exams like Semester, annual, unit test, surprise test are also supported by the ERP in effective manner.Course wise hourly plans, multiple timetable for a class based on electives is also handled.


School ERP has been designed with special attention paid on faculty and parents interactions. Everyday activities of the kids may be informed to parents along with whereabouts of their children.School management can use administrative fees management system,Bus Management system to ensure paperless and free transactions

Industrial ERP

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