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Key Features:

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    Inventory Management

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    Accounting & Finance

Departmen & User Role wise access

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TSE | ASM | RSM| NSM Hierarchy

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Cloud-Based Distribution Management System

A cloud-based distribution management system provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, sales data, and distribution metrics. This allows companies to make more informed decisions, respond quickly to market changes, and optimize their distribution operations

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Preview of Distribution Management

Ensure a steady supply of goods across your value chain

Monitor and control your entire distribution network efficiently. Manage sales activities, track inventory, fill orders, and optimize purchasing.

Features of distributor management software?

1.Set Credit Limits & Control over Outstandings

Distributor Onboarding & Approvals
Billing, E-Invoicing & payment Tracking
Inventory Management - Schemes & Bundling
Order Management
Claims Management
Complaints Management
Competitor Analysis
Customer Satisfaction Tracking
Customised Reports

Stage wise order Processing

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High Impact Features

Keep track of available inventory, in-transit goods, reorder quantities, and inventory costs.
Record total sales, receivables, taxable amounts, and more.
Streamline the way you gather requests and supplier details, handle accounts, and manage purchases, with dedicated modules for each distribution-related activity.
With six themes and custom icons for your forms and reports, you can personalize the app to suit your needs and preferences. We've optimized this app for mobile browsers—you can also download our native apps for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

Efficiency Management In Marketsense

Efficiency in distribution management is paramount for large organizations with complex supply chains. Market sense, a cloud-based Distribution Management Software, developed to optimize entire distribution process right from the raw materials supplier to the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and finally to the retailer where the product is sold in the market. , By optimizing the supply chain management process, Market sense can help organizations to reduce their operational costs and increase efficiency.

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Trusted by Brands You Know and Love

Our mobile app has been entrusted by leading brands across industries who rely on its robust features and unparalleled performance to connect with their customers like never before.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems play a crucial role in optimizing various aspects of sales and field force management. Let's delve into how SFA can facilitate beat planning, tour planning, dealer management, GPS tracking, sales and stock order punching, as well as complaint management:


Beat Planning

SFA systems analyze historical sales data, customer locations, and sales rep territories to optimize beat planning.

They generate efficient routes for sales representatives, minimizing travel time and maximizing sales opportunities.

Real-time updates and alerts ensure sales reps are informed of any changes in customer schedules or route deviations.


Tour Planning

SFA platforms enable comprehensive tour planning by allowing sales managers to schedule and coordinate sales team activities effectively.

They generate efficient routes for sales representatives, minimizing travel time and maximizing sales opportunities.

Real-time updates and alerts ensure sales reps are informed of any changes in customer schedules or route deviations.


Dealer Management

SFA systems provide a centralized platform to track and manage relationships with dealers and distributors.

Detailed dealer profiles, purchase history, and performance metrics aid in effective dealer management.

Features such as order processing, inventory management, pricing agreements, and incentive tracking streamline operations and collaboration with dealers.


GPS Tracking

Integration of GPS tracking technology allows real-time monitoring of sales reps' locations in the field.

Managers can track movements, verify customer visits, and ensure compliance with planned routes and schedules.

Geofencing capabilities define virtual boundaries, triggering notifications upon entry or exit from designated areas.


Sales & Stock Order Punching

SFA systems streamline the process of capturing sales and stock orders directly from the field.

Sales reps can input orders on the spot using mobile devices, eliminating paperwork and reducing order processing time.

Integration with inventory systems ensures accurate stock levels and timely fulfillment of orders, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales efficiency.


Complaint Management

SFA platforms include complaint management modules to record, track, and resolve customer complaints efficiently.

Sales reps can log complaints during customer interactions, providing detailed information and capturing relevant data.

Automated workflows route complaints to the appropriate personnel for resolution, ensuring timely response and customer satisfaction.

Secondary Sales

Geo Tagging
Top selling products Tracking
New Outlets Onboarding
Planning Tour plan & order punching
Web Access for Office team
Channels Covered - General Trade & Modern Trade
Filtering and Sales tracking based on Outlet Category
Mobile Access for Field Team in Native Android & iOS Notification Alerts
Dashboards & reports based on Region, state, city & Employee wise Attendance Tracking
Mobile app for Sales team (Hierarchy based access & Approvals- NSM, RSM, ASM, TSI , BDE, Merchandiser & Promoter)
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One of our Top notch products is the Distributor Management system which helps the Manufacturers Super stockist/Distributors for taking orders from the Retailers/Outlets and processing the same at various levels.

We are solving the Main Pain points in the Distribution Channel through following solutions

  • Training of Replacement employee if an existing Employee of that area resigned—Easy to Train
  • During business expansion, easy to adopt PAN India Market
  • Complete track over the Credit Limit and Facility to Block
  • Maintain different pricing slabs for each sales channel
  • Instant order processing as its works on cloud Sync
  • Track over sales Executive Target & performance
  • Hierarchy Levels in Sales Team
  • Track the Unresponsive orders
  • Building Rapport with Outlets
  • Expenses Management
  • Control over visits
  • Low stock Alerts etc..,
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Experience the Power of Seamless Coordination

MarketSense brings your sales team together, allowing you to track progress, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions with ease. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a clear, real-time view of your team's activities and achievements.

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FMCG is one of the fast-growing sectors in India. FMCG is the fourth-largest sector in India in terms of contribution to the country’s economy. According to a report by Statista, the Indian FMCG market is expected to reach USD 220 billion by 2025 from USD 52.75 billion in 2018. The market is largely driven by growing urbanizations, increase in standards of living of people, changing lifestyle, easier access to the products, etc. are some of the factors driving the market.

The Indian FMCG sector includes pharmaceuticals, packaged soft drinks, packaged food products, consumer electronics, etc. Among these, food and beverages account for 19% of the share; healthcare accounts for 31% of the share; and household and personal care accounts for over 50% share of the market. Conventionally, urban areas are considered as the contributors of the FMCG market in India. However, the rural market has been registering a greater growth rate than the urban market, which signifies a large untapped market in the rural areas.

The domestic FMCG market is highly fragmented and is dominated by micro, small and medium scale enterprises that are largely unorganized. FMCG sector, particularly the food products segment provides great business opportunities for new entrepreneurs in the country due to the easy availability of raw materials, cheap operating costs, etc.

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Simplify Your Sales Team Management with MarketSense

We were struggling to Manage the sales reports and activity logs through Manual entry in Excel sheets. After started Using Market sense app, it become simple, all activity got streamlined and that gives me lot of Peace..